Managerial Accounting – Research Paper

Research Paper:
Please write about the following topic: “Ethical Standards forManagement Accountants.”You will find that the database resources throughthe GWU Library provide great help when researching and acquiring full-textjournal articles. If you have difficulty, contact the GWU Library and ask forNatalie Edwards.
The research paper should be constructed in Word. The paper should be 6-8(double-spaced) pages long, excluding pages associated with title pages orbibliography. In other words the body of the paper should be no less than 6 andno more than 8 pages (1 inch margins – 12 pt. font – Times New Roman or Arial)in length.The paper should be documented using an APA (in-text parenthethetical)documentation style, with the following additional requirements: no executivesummary, abstract, or outline.
The paper should be substantially based on at least three articles fromprofessional journals (five would be better). Professional journals in accounting,for example, would include Accounting Horizons, Journal of AccountingResearch, Strategic Finance, The Journal of Accountancy, or somethingcomparable. You can also use other professional journals, such as the Journal ofMarketing, the Journal of Marketing Management, the Journal of ManagementInformation Systems, or the Journal of Information Systems. Either one, two, orthree of your journal articles could come from professional journals in otherdisciplines such as these.
The three principal journal articles referenced in thepaper should be copied and turned in with the paper.
In addition, feel free toinclude other research sources. You should have a minimum of five sources intotal, but you may include as many as you wish. The objective of the paper, apartfrom the obvious coverage of the topic area, should be to INTEGRATE theinformation provided in the research sources. You should not go through a pageand a half or two pages continuously citing the same source. In most classes, theassigned paper is longer. I would rather sacrifice some length and emphasize agood SYNTHESIS of the sources into a well-written, coherent document. Thereis a writing lab at the GWU main campus which offers extremely valuableadvice. It is well staffed and well run. I would think that anyone would benefitfrom the services they provide.
Please include the following statement on the title page – “This paper has beenspecifically prepared for this class. It has not been submitted for credit in aprevious class and will not be submitted for credit in any future class, either inwhole or in part.” Your signature should follow the statement. Remember that ifthe words of the author are used exactly, quote and include a parentheticalreference. If the words of the author are paraphrased, do not quote but include aparenthetical reference.