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3rd Discussion
Johnson says that privilege is an “advantage” that is “socially conferred”. The social structure enables certain individuals to enjoy certain privileges because of who they are perceived as. He writes that “privilege is not something a person can have, like a possession… Instead it is a characteristic of the social system.” He compares this to a “rule in a game”. 2) In para 1 he mentions the statistic of 95%. In the last para he mentions the two statistics of 85% and 50%. The placement is effective, the first and last paras. These numbers support the main idea that whiteness is a social privilege that helps those in this category. Color is a lack of privilege that is disadvantageous to this category of society. 3) I was moved by the statistic that 85% of people involved with illicit drug trade are white but that number does not correlate with those in jail for this crime. This is clear evidence of racial injustice.