Marketing In Digital Age 1

General Guidance
Your assignment should be MS Word processedTimes New Roman size 12 font, double spaced, with numbered pages
AssessmentguidelinesProduce a 3000-word marketing project report (+/- 10%) (excluding the list of references)TaskStudents are required to produce a report (LO8/LO7)on the following case:
TheroleCambridge Analytica played inthe latest American presidential election and the Brexitreferendum in the UK.Political marketing and the use of digital media in political campaigns is not new; however, the way Cambridge Analytica used Facebook users’ data to target users with influential contents that can lead to favourable resultsto the promotedpartieswas labelledunethical and illegal.Were developed of keyplayers fromSCL Group, the Republican Party establishment and ChristopherWylie the later whistle-blower.
You arerequested to watchthe video, provided in the material’s role in
Brexit — and the threat to democracy | CaroleCadwalladr), research thecase of CambridgeAnalyticaand write a reportthatreflectson and answersthefollowing questions.
Task 1Stand in the shoes of CEO Alex Nix: What could have been done better BEFORE the scandal in 2017 andearlier? What could havebeendonebetterAFTERthe scandal broke (early2018)?(Consider the following areas: marketing communication strategy and message, marketingcontent and communication channels, corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation, the impact on brand awareness and brand trust)(LO1/ LO2 /LO3)
Task 2Explain the work and service Cambridge Analyticaprovided Trump’s campaign. Apart from the legal side, in your perspective, was it right for Cambridge Analyticato provide this work for Trump? How dopublic goodwill/license to operate and data-driven technology companies interrelate?(LO4/LO5/LO6)Task 3Facebook continues to facemajor ethical and legal challenges. What challenges Facebook brand is facing today? And what implications these challenges and the case of Cambridge Analytica have for the future of Facebook from your perspective?(LO6/LO 7)