Media professionalism in covering the Russian-Ukrainian war, CNN Network as a model

Please prepare the Article according to the following structure:Abstract to be no more than 150 words , and is divided into the following:i. Purpose of the study: In simple words tell readers about the aim of this study. No discussion, no story only aim of this studyii. Methodology: Give name, brand, type of tools, methods, software, review, and survey that has been used to do this study. No discussion or explanation.iii. Main Findings: Write only the main results in few words. No discussion or explanation. iv. Applications of this study: where this study can be useful, give the name of area, disciplines, etcv. Novelty/Originality of this study: what is new in this study that may benefit readers or how it is advancing the existing knowledge or creating new knowledge in this subject.
after that we have to make sure that we have the following headings:1- Introduction (about 400 word)2-Literature Review ( about 400 to 500 word)3-Methodology (about 300 word) Reading all the media coverage of CNN from the beginning of the war till now ,and examining it in a scientific way to reach an answer to the questions in the results.4-Results/ Findings (about 1800) How did CNN cover the following points and evaluate them?i. what started the war? (was it the media?)ii. Why did not USA and European troops help out Ukraine?iii. How did US and NATO decide to approach the war?iv. What were women fleeing in the country?v. How were the topics of women, children, and elders fleeing the country covered by CNN?vi. How did CNN cover the racism incident of preventing a black family from riding the train to flee the country?vii. Is Russia attacking children’s playgrounds and hospitals, or not?viii. Did they bomb hospitals?ix. Chemical war (Chornobyl / nuclear war)
5-Conclusion (about 500 words) the opinion from answering the previous questions on whether the USA encouraging the world to start a cold war with Russia or not through the media coverage of CNN?6-Limitations and Study Forward (About 150 words)7-References (about 30 references ) APA-7 style ,including DOIs for articles and of course all references must recent covering the last year.
The article will be submitted to European Journal of Communication .. please follow the submission guidelines in the following link: