Memo about Tesla’s ethical issue

Ethical issue-
Students need to identify a dilemma relating either to ethics or social and environmental sustainability in a business. The case should be current (ie. not yet resolved), and in the public domain.
Students are required to write a memo of up to 800 words to the CEO/Senior Management of that company.  The memo should be written from the point of view of a person working within the company.  Students can choose any relevant role (for example, the memo could be written from the Sustainability Director to the Marketing Director, or from an employee to the CEO), but you should choose a role within the company.
In the memo, students should:  say what the ethical problem is; explain why this is a problem for the company; outline the options that the company has to address the problem and make a recommendation to resolve it.
Please use the slides to find information on how to analyse the situation.