Mental Health

Topic: Mental HealthResearch question: How does mental stress hurt our physical health and why is it important for resilience building?Thesis: Currently, during the pandemic, many people are feeling extra stress, and stress can definitely have an impact on our health both mentally and physically. There is a mind-body connection wherein our mental health can affect our body,and our body’s health can affect our mental. Depending on our environment, the support system we have, the resources we get, and our living situations – individuals can experience a different mental health impact and how they overcome it.Outline:– Introduction to Thesis– Background information/ the sociology of mental health and a brief history (The developmental of social epidemiology of mental health and disorders)– 1st point: The difference between mental and physical health/the connection between the two, provide examples, support it with sources– 2nd point: Unique sociological approach to mental health and illness (The stressor exposure perspective, the social relationships perspective, the societal reaction perspective), give examples, support it with sources– 3rd point: The social epidemiology of mental disorders (gender, socioeconomic status, race, marital status, etc.), give examples, support it with sources– 4th point: Resilience building/Improving mental health/ treatments, provide examples, support it with source– 5th point: Future directions in the sociology of mental health, Future treatment and research, provide examples and thoughts, support with sources– Conclusion: summarize main points