mental health essay

Why?: A Mental Health Crisis – 75 pointsStudents will write a 3-pg. paper that integrates material and theories from the course (in addition to independent research) addressing their own understanding of the current mental health crisis (loneliness/anxiety/depression). This paper will be written through the lens of close relationships, and the communication that shapes these relationships, as central to our mental well-being. Papers will be graded on having a clear and concise argument that is rooted in theory, or a conversation between multiple theories.Student should choose 1 theory (or allow two theories to be in conversation with one another) and supporting course concepts to conceptualize the current crisis from a relational framework (i.e., Why are we facing a loneliness epidemic? Why are people more anxious and depressed than ever before, especially given our “connected” world?)This research paper should include 5 different references (academic, scholarly, course material, peer-reviewed). Two of these references should be from students’ own research – not class material.Please do not write over the pg. requirement (except maybe a sentence or two).Why?: A Mental Health CrisisPossible Paper Outline (there is no right way to write this paper)
A. Rationale – set the tone; what is the crisis (loneliness, depression, anxiety)B. Theory – while developing close relationships is not the only reason for this crisis, choose a relational/interpersonal theory that helps you to make sense OR partial explanation for why this crisis is occurring (****please note that this is not the only reason; however, it is the lens we are focusing on in class)1. Introduce theory/theorist main ideas2. Discuss some of the main ideas/concepts to explain your reasoningC. Restate your thesis and conclude your paper