Mental illness for prisoners

Contemporary issues criminal justice class3 pages in MS word / APÁ format 12 font double spacedStudents will watch the video “The Released.”https:/1/ information about each person in the video and enough information to demonstrate that you watched the entire video. Be certain to write the review using your own words. You are all watching the same video and assignments will be checked for plagiarism.Students will prepare a paper in MS Word in an APA format. The BODY of the paper will be a minimum of 3 pages in length in a 12 point font, double spaced.. This page count does not include the cover page, the abstract page which is required, or the references page. This means the minimum page length is 6 pages total.Students will use academic reference sources from the TCC library or Google Scholar.Reviews of the video must be submitted before class on the due date. Video reviews will be discussed in class for an additional assignment. Be prepared to discuss your research.A written assignment rubric is attached in the ICR Module.