MGT 4192

 Competencies: #1 Discussing the historical development of business ethics, including the evolution of professional and corporate Codes of Ethics. #3 Assessing his/her own values, attitudes, and beliefs as a member of the workforce. #6 Understanding that sometimes conflicting values, attitudes, and beliefs held by employees, customers, suppliers, managers, owners/stakeholders, and members of the larger community. Having read Chapter 5, address the following: Review the Balancing Beliefs section, beginning on page 135, and provide your response to the Discussion Post. Being aware of sometimes conflicting values, attitudes and beliefs are held by employees, customer, suppliers, managers, owners/stakeholder, and members of the larger community, address such in your response. Assignment #4 will be graded on conveying a clear understanding of the topic, providing a clear discussion of such, as well as utilizing correct grammar. Grade: 10% of total grade, along with accurate grammar