Mindful eating

write a 1250-1500 word argument essay on one of the following topics. Research the topic anduse at least three secondary sources,at least one of which is from apeer-reviewed (refereed) journal. You may use a source from the course readingsmanual, but that does not count toward your three secondary sources. Usethe MLA format for parenthetical citations and include a works cited page. You arealso to write an annotated bibliography with four secondary sources in it; this is to be a preview of thesources that you use in your paper, though obviously one may not make the cut,and in fact the works you cite in your essay may change as the essay takes itsfinal form . MIndfull eating .Sources to us :Lomangino, Kevin, . “Eating “Mindfully””. ClinicalNutrition INSIGHT, vol. 37, no.9, September 2011:Hong,Phan Y., et al. “The Positive Impact of Mindful Eating on Expectations of FoodLiking.” Mindfulness, vol. 2, no. 2, 2011, pp. 103-113.Webb,Jennifer B., et al. ““Mom, Quit Fat talking—I’m Trying to Eat (Mindfully) here!”:Evaluating a Sociocultural Model of Family Fat Talk, Positive Body Image, andMindful Eating in College Women.” Appetite, vol. 126, 2018, pp. 169-175.