Mindset Writing #1: Skip Downing Chapter

Overview: Write an essay in MLA Format following the guidelines listed below. The only source that should be used is the attached writing. All direct references should contain in-line citations.

1. Reading & Writing Assignment: Smilkstein: (Chapter is attached)
Read Skip Downing’s chapter on personal responsibility, and take notes on the Victim
mindset, the Creator mindset, the Inner Critic, the Inner Defender, and the Inner Guide.
You will understand the concepts more deeply by reading the full chapter because all of
the stories and examples Downing uses to connect readers to the concepts.

2. Write Body paragraph #1:
In the first body paragraph, explain the “Victim mindset” and summarize an example
from the chapter. Then describe the two types of self-talk the Victim mindset uses and
give examples of each self-talk so your readers can hear what they sound like. In the
second half of the paragraph, explain the Creator mindset and summarize an example
from the chapter. Then describe the self-talk it uses. Self-talk is discussed on pages
47-51. Provide readers with a “main idea” sentence. There are four placement options for this topic
sentence: the first sentence in the paragraph, the last sentence in the paragraph, after a few
lead-in sentences, or implied. There is only one author for the Skip Downing book, and there are printed page numbers.
Thus, MLA requires that the author’s last name and the page numbers be used to
document all summaries and direct quotes.

Pronoun Use Guidelines:
– Banned pronouns: do not use these pronouns: you, we, us, our. Instead, use a plural
noun like “people, students, or readers” and then use the pronouns “they, their, they
– Here’s an example: Smilkstein explains that people typically follow a six-stage
learning process. First, they . . .
NOT this: Smilkstein explains that we typically follow . . .
– Using the personal pronoun “I” is necessary for the personal example paragraph.

3. Write Body paragraph #2: Personal Example:
In the second body paragraph, provide a personal example that illustrates you engaging
in the Victim OR Creator mindset (or an experience moving from the Victim to the
Creator mindset. Be sure to provide visual details that create strong images, a dialogue if it
fits your example, and interesting–maybe funny–details to engage your reader.

4. Create a works-cited page