Movie Character Leadership Analysis

Theleadership paper should be no longer than 7 pages, double-spaced, APA7th edition format. The paper is based on the following:
You are to select and view ONE of the below movies:1. Schmidt, A. (Producer), Wallace, R. (Director). (2002). We Were Soldiers [Motion Picture]. United States: Paramount.
Paper ContentA. After viewing the movie or TV show, select one of the supervisors (leaders).B.Discuss THREE supervisory techniques that they used, using specificexamples from the movie or TV episode. Do not spend too much effortexplaining the background or details of the scenario, just get to thepoint.C. Make sure to discuss the following topics:i. Which of the supervisory techniques were effective? Why?ii. Which supervisory techniques were not effective? Why?iii. Pick one scene and discuss what you would have done differently as a supervisor and why.iv.How does a high-stress environment like war or the emergency room affectsupervisory techniques, as compared to peacetime (or a less stressfulenvironment)?v. What supervisory trait do you most relate to and why? You should include a personal account from your do supervisors fail if they are using a “textbook” technique?Explain using the scenes from the movie/show or your own personal lifeto enhance your explanation.If you have already seen the movie or TV show episode, you may “skim” it to refresh yourself.
Youshould have a title page, some pages of body content, and the last pageshould be your paper’s references. If you have a title page andreference page that leaves you with 5 pages for body.Use at least 3 references for your paper. They should be articles that support your paper.Yourpaper should contain no more than 20% direct citations or quotations.That means 80% should be your own analysis, thoughts, and ideas.