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Classic Movie Project View and analyze a film based on the following guidelines: • Watch one of the movies listed below or any other that involves a person with special needs/exceptionalities. • Submit a report that emphasizes the characteristics of the main character including: o Briefly summarize the story. o Describe the character with exceptionality/special needs and indicate specific behaviors that the character displays in his/her daily life or learning environment. o How do people in the character’s immediate environment respond to the behaviors described above? o How does the character respond to the people in his/her environment? o Do you think the film accurately portrayed a person with this exceptionality/special need? Why or why not? Movies Suggestions I Am Sam The Miracle Worker Temple Grandin (HBO Movie) Charly (1968) My Left Foot Children of a Lesser God Mr. Holland’s Opus Rain Man What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Dominick and Eugene Benny and Joon Edward Scissorhands Mask The Elephant Man A Beautiful Mind Butterflies are Free (1972) Regarding Henry (1991)