Mozambican Insurrection in Cabo Delgado. What things added up to make these insurrections so violent and long lasting

Mozambican Insurrection in Cabo Delgado from 2017 – 2021Sections:Introduction (Thesis included)– Historical Context (Colonial Rule, Frelimo Rise and Insurgency, Independence, Civil War, Political standing today) A history filled of violence and people not being suppported by government.– Insurgency and violence since 2017– Corruption within politics (Disconnect between capital Maputo and governance in Cabo Delgado)– Illicit economies tied to Cabo Delgado (heroin trade)– Natural Gas boom (French company Total suspending 20 billion dollar investment into natural gas project) this boom is not benefiting the people.– Recruitment of disgruntled muslim youth incentivizing recruitment with money– What should be done? 1st strengthening the armed forces in Mozambique. Then secondly commitment to developing local economies and offering more jobs for youth to keep out of violent extremist groups
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STRONG PARTY, WEAK STATE? FRELIMO AND STATE SURVIVAL THROUGH THE MOZAMBICAN CIVIL WAR: AN ANALYTICAL NARRATIVE ON STATE-MAKING History of Mozambique Short History of Mozambique Insurgency in Mozambique Grows in Sophistication and Reach and Chiefship in Mozambique heroin coast
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Where crime compounds conflict
Where crime compounds conflict
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