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Drug trafficking is a global business requiring a great deal of organization and coordination between Transnational Organized Crime Groups and street level Gangs. The illegal drug business shares some elements with the business of selling legal products.

Working capital $$$
Steady raw material supplies
Sophisticated manufacturing facilities
Shipping contractors and wholesale distributors
Marketing arm
Retail outlets
U.S. street gangs have increased their profits by taking over wholesale distribution that in many instances were operated by domestic drug trafficking networks.

Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) have gained increased reliance on their U.S.-based partners. Criminal organizations on both sides of the border benefit from their shared cooperation.

The symbiotic relationship of Gangs and DTOs stands to only strengthen over the foreseeable future.

U.S. based street gangs now have greater access to wealth through their increased control of wholesale and street-level sale of illegal drugs in the United States.

How can U.S. Law Enforcement agencies establish best practices and methods relative to combating Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTO) and Gangs?
In your opinion which approach (Prevention, Intervention or Suppression) would be more appropriate and suitable in combating Transnational Criminal Organizations, DTOs and Gangs?

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