Narrative Essay Assignment Sheet

Narrative Essay Assignment SheetWhat is it?A narrative essay is an essay that tells an important personal story, and reflectson the importance of the story. This usually takes the form of a realization or anepiphany. It could be a brush with danger that made the author realize theprecious nature of life, or an accomplishment that made the author realize whatthey want to do for a living. This piece of writing is a true story from your point of view.It should include:Sensory detailsdialoguescenesa conclusion that lets the reader know how the writer feels about these events. (Why is this important?)How do I pick what to write?Some options include:What activity do you love? Is there a moment when you realized this was your thing? Or where you achieved something great?What do you want to do with your life? Is there a moment when you realized this? Or a moment when you achieved something?What moment in your life makes you the most proud?What is something you’ve overcome?What is something you’ve lost?How long does this have to be, teach?2-4 pages or 500+ wordsWhen is it due?Monday September 20th by midnight.How will this be evaluated?This assignment is worth 100 points. I am looking for the following:An engaging opening that puts the reader in the middle of the action (10 points)An overall consideration for reader by including relevant context, and clarity (20 points)A clear intent/realization/or epiphany (30 points)Sensory details, dialogue, and/or scenes (20 points)Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. (10 points)MLA format (10 points)