National Power & Geopolitical Theory

Question 1 (2-3 Pages):Compare and contrast the theories of Mackinder and Mahan. Which of the two sources of national power and prosperity proposed by these authors is the most important in the modern era?
Question 2 (2-3 Pages) :In what way(s), if at all, has the advent of Space and Air power changed geopolitical theory and practice? Has the advent of air and space power made land and sea-power obsolete, or is it merely a complementary source of national power?
Sources from the Course:
The Influence of Mahan upon Chinas Maritime Strategy / Holmes, JamesThe Influence of Sea Power Upon History – Pg 25-90 / Mahan, Alfred ThayerGEOGRAPHY, TECHNOLOGY, AND BRITISH NAVAL STRATEGY IN THE DREADNOUGHT ERA / Sumida, Jon TetsuroNew insights from Old Books: The Case of Alfred Thayer Mahan / Sumida, Jon Tetsuro