Native American Forced Assimilation Synthesis Essay

Native American Forced AssimilationSynthesis EssayPrompt:Analyze the challenges and hardships Native American children experienced while being forced into assimilation at Boarding Schools during 1790-1920. Provide two examples of evidence from two different articles we read in class to support your thesis. The outline below can be used as a guide to organizing your ideas and structure.OutlineIntroHook statement about how Native Americans were treated historically by the U.S. (use what you have learned in class or History class).Include the definition of forced assimilation (see note chart).Transition sentence to explain how children were forced to assimilate at school.Thesis: Two-part statement that introduces two challenges/hardships that your body paragraph will provide evidence for.Example of thesis: Native American children were forced to attend American Boarding Schools where they were punished for using their native language and __________________________.BodyTopic sentence to introduce 1st example of a hardship.Provide background for a quote. For example, “Quote 1” (author).Commentary about quote 1Commentary about quote 1Provide background for a quote. In addition, “Quote 2” (author).Commentary about quote 2Commentary about quote 2Closing sentence summarizing the challenges/hardships that you explained.ConclusionRestate your thesis from your Intro paragraph2 transition sentences about how Native American children were forced with difficult challenges.The closing sentence is about the importance of learning Native American history and the treatment of minority groups.