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Natural Science Article Selection

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This week, you will begin finding sources for the Annotated Bibliography in the Natural Sciences. You should start looking for academic scientific sources, such as those located on the PubMed website: You can also use resources such as EBSCO, which is a search engine available through the FTCC Library and other institutions. However, you may very well be able to find all of the sources you need for the Annotated Bib on the PubMed website. Please note that while you only have to find, post, and analyze one source to the discussion board this week, you will need five sources for the Annotated Bibliography, which is due next week. All of the sources on PubMed would be considered scientific sources, but if you use another search tool (such as EBSCO), please be sure that your sources come from medical or scientific journals, such as biology, psychiatry, chemistry, etc. Your sources should not come from psychology or sociology journals or other social sciences or humanities journals; they should be from scientific journals. Once you have found a science source you would like to use (on any scientific topic related to midcentury themes—for example, the polio vaccine, the atomic bomb, birth control, etc.), please use the Annotated Bibliography guidelines document in the CSE folder to help you create a CSE citation and annotation for that source. Please also see the Student Sample Sciences Annotated Bibliography to help you gain a better idea of how to create an annotation and citation. Again, remember that you are just posting one citation and annotation this week, although this source should be one you intend to use for the upcoming Annotated Bibliography in the Natural Sciences next week. Topic: Racism (i.e. colorism, segregation, eugenics) specifically related to the Baby Boomer time period