New Orleans Infrastructure Damage

Essay #3: Argumentative Research PaperIdentify a particular problem that you think needs to be addressed in a specific, localized community of which you are a part. (New Orleans or Puerto Rico Infrastructure damage and why they havent fixed it or puerto rico tax evasion laws for american citizens and how unfair it is for puerto ricans )Then, using independent research, write an essay which:Establishes why this specific problem is important and needs to be solved; andArgues for implementing a particular solution to address the problem.The solution you advocate may be one that you find in your research, or it may be one that you develop on your own through your evaluation of the proposals, organizations, approaches, and ideas you’ve synthesized through that process. Make sure to thoroughly argue why this is the best way to begin solving the problem.Support your position through specific claims, warrants, evidence, commentary, logic, and counterargument, as well as with other elements besides rational appeal—such as personal story, ethos, pathos, language—that make your argument more persuasive.Incorporate at least 5 appropriate sources in this essay.Length: 6 pages, plus a Works Cited page.Complete Rough Draft Due, Printed: Monday, December 6 by start of classWorth: 4 points (of your Informal Assignments Grade)Final Draft Due, Printed: Friday, December 10 by start of classWorth: 25 pointsFormat: Printed, typed, double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins. In the top left hand corner of the first page, type your name, my name, the course and section number(ENLG T122), and the date, each on a separate line, double-spaced. Please put page numbers in the upper right-hand corner.As always, follow MLA rules for citation.Grading Rubric:Thesis [5 points]Is the thesis specific, clear, and controversial?Does the thesis make a claim about why a specific problem in a particular community matters?Does the thesis make a claim about how best to solve the problem in this community?Does the thesis lay out the author’s primary points and subclaims?Body Paragraphs [5 points]Does each major point begin with a topic sentence?Does each topic sentence make a specific, clear, argumentative subclaim clearly connected to the thesis?Does each paragraph stay focused on a single argumentative point?Evidence, Warrants, and Research [5 points]Is each major claim supported by data and a warrant?Is the data sufficient, relevant, and credible?Are the warrants well-explained, logical, and thorough?Does the essay employ at least five appropriate sources?Organization and Structure [5 points]Is the paper organized in a way that builds its argument most logically?Does the essay clearly argue for both why its particular problem matters and how best to begin solving that problem?At some point, does the paper employ modes of argument other than rational appeal, such as pathos, personal story, or personal voice?Does the introduction clearly establish the paper’s topic and grab the reader’s interest?Does the conclusion go beyond restating the paper’s main points?Language and MLA Formatting [5 points]Is the language of the paper varied and interesting?Is the paper free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors?Is the paper using proper MLA citation?