New York Environment

The paper is concerned with what New York City will be like in the future. This paper should look more at the immediate future, or, if a long term approach, you must consider the steps now and in the immediate future to get there.Vertical growth and / or horizontal growthSanderson (and most others) see the continuation of the presence of vertical growth(skyscrapers, etc.) into the future. However, in the twentieth century, the suburbs heavilydeveloped party to lower the population density in residential areas and escape the crowded andpossibly stressful aspects of cities.As we are experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the ability for working remotely,urban centers of business and residence are declining in value both in the U.S. but increasinglyaround the world. And some people are beginning to move out of the center of cities to thesuburbs and possibly beyond. Also, with the continuing decline of manufacturing, especially incities, modern technology easily allows many people to work at home or in their localcommunities, creating the possibility that traditional cities may be archaic. In fact, even workingclass lower salary jobs may develop this way in the future.What is an alternate (and yes, “edgy”) approach transiting the current city to a state andnation of more evenly distributed population density, and its effects on lifestyles, humaninteractions, etc.important source attached Mannahatta natural history of new york