North American History

reply to the question below (at least 250 words). Then reply to at least one of your fellow classmate’s comments.
Question:Describe for me a North American Indian. That is, what images or thoughts come to mind when someone says “Native American/American Indian/North American Indian”? How do you know who is an American Indian and who is not? Where have you learned what you know about American Indians? Are you sure that what you learned is accurate? What is the value of learning about American Indians?I will use the terms Native American and American Indian a lot in this course. I do understand that most Indigenous tribes in North America prefer that they are referred to as American Indians or First Nations in Canada. I will go back and forth, and please don’t see that as a sign of disrespect. During my very long education, Native American was preferred. Now it’s American Indian in the United States and First Nations in Canada.