NSQHS Standards: Medication Safety Standard.

Each student must individually complete a critical review of the literature focused on the following case study:
NSQHS Standards: Medication Safety Standard.You are working on a medical ward at Curtin Hospital as a graduate RN. In the past 12 weeks your ward Manager has received 6 clinical incidents where interruptions of nursing staff during medication administration has resulted in clinical incidents/near misses. The ward manager has asked you to assemble a team of Clinical Nurses and Registered Nurses to do a critical review of the literature on this subject.
Your paper must provide a critcal review of the literature on the chosen focus area including a discussion on how the chosen area relates to the Registered Nurse role, clinical performance and the evaluation of health care delivery in an acute care setting.
The chosen topic must be included in the title. Your paper should present high quality credible evidence justifying and supporting yourdiscussion (largely using peer-reviewed journal articles and research studies).
This assessment has been designed to assist you to continue developing your skills in relation to the standards of the Registered Nurse Standards for Practice (NMBA, 2016). It is useful to make reference to these standards in your paper. NOTE: As Singapore nursing students you should also refer to the Singapore Nursing Board’s professional standards and codes – https://www.healthprofessionals.gov.sg/snb/guidelines-and-standards