Nursing Issues

GUIDELINES FOR THE MIDTERM PAPER:·This paper MUSTbe at least 7 pages in length (not including title page, abstract orreference pages)·Chose a professionalissue relevant to nursing today (Ex. Staffing, education, legal issues, ethics,shared governance, leadership, management, delegation, health policy, etc.). Ifyou need help, please use library services to search for other topics or yourtextbook.·Choose at least 3 peer reviewed articles specific to thatprofessional issue and your thesis·As you write your paper,please refer to the following sources in your analysis of your chosen topic:A.N.A. Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, the Code of Ethics for Nurses,and the Patient’s Bill of Rights. You can also refer to NJ Nurse Practice Act,the Monmouth University Philosophy of Nursing, the Standards of ProfessionalBehavior for Monmouth University Nursing Majors
Your Paper Should Include the Following Components:·Introduction of theissue 15 points·Analysis of theliterature (demonstrates article relevance to your thesis) 30 points·Relevance of the issue to nursing practice 25 points·Using your analysisof the literature, discuss how and why this issue will affect you as a futurenurse 20 points·Writing quality& APA formatting 10 points