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2. Read The Story of an Hour on pages 65-66. Notice the emotions that the different characters might be feeling. Happy, sad, worries, surprised, confused, anxious, eager, oppressed, excited, relieved, etc.
3. Provide 5 annotations from the story for emotions that the characters might be feeling.Each annotation must do three things: 1) quote a segment, 2) label, and 3) give a commentary about why or how this is an example of the emotion you labeled for that segment. This why or how part is mandatory to receive credit for the annotation; it’s the most important part. Also, you might label something incorrectly, but you can still get some (or all) credit if you sufficiently explain your reasoning.So, for this assignment, for each annotation, you will 1) Quote a segment of a passage where you see evidence of a character feeling a certain emotion; 2) label the emotion(s) that the character might be feeling, and 3) give commentary on why you think the character might be feeling that emotion during that passage (you can suggest the possibility of more than one emotion).You must provide an annotation for 5 different segments/passages.
4. Save into a File:Option 1: Type out everything. “Quote a segment of the story,” provide a label, and give an explanation. Do this for each of the annotations. Turn in as a Word document or PDF.Option 2: Using VitalSource and OneNote. When opening your ebook you can see on the left panel a list of icons for different functions. To be able to print the notes and highlights you need to open your Notebook and over there you’ll find all the notes and highlights. You will also find the OneNote icon to export them and the print icon to print them. If you want to edit them it is suggested that you export them into OneNote first, do all the modifications needed and then print them from there. Turn in as a Word document of PDF.
Write a Paragraph – 5 pointsLet’s write a short paragraph together. This is going to be a very, very, VERY basic paragraph!1. Your topic sentence (the first sentence in the paragraph) must be the following: The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin, is full of emotion.2. Now you write 4-6 more sentences explaining/showing how the story is full of emotion. Give at least 2 specific examples from the story (passage), and explain how each instance presented an emotion.Example – Here is an excerpt of a paragraph discussing emotions in a different story:Joe’s personality is not obvious at first, but the reader gets to know him as the story develops. At first Joe appeared to be sad at the news because his shoulders dropped and his eyes glistened with tears. However, after he leaves the building, his anger shows as he punches a wall. The story narration explains that Joe was taught not to show anger to anyone, so he masks it, appearing sad. Later, we learn that he hides strong positive emotions too….3. Put the first sentence with your own sentences all together into a single paragraph. It will be between 5 and 7 sentences total when you add your sentences with the


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Read People’s Health and the Social Determinants of Health by Baum (2018), found in the WCU online library. After reading this week’s chapter and the articles, choose one social determinant of health and describe its impact on a population segment of your choice.

Identify two positive and two normative statements about raising the minimum wage.

Review the provided correlation and comparison file and look at the columns “Age” and “Salary.” For a correlational design, provide the problem statement, purpose statement, and the research questions/hypotheses based on these data.

Which one of these theories best aligns with your personal beliefs and why? Which is least aligned with your personal beliefs? Why?

Identify a social, environmental, or political problem that is of local, national, or global concern.

Review the instructions on How to Create a Flyer, Pamphlet, or Brochure in MS Word. Download How to Create a Flyer, Pamphlet, or Brochure in MS Word.