Obasan book Essay

When developing your argument/thesis you may want to consider:The role played by archetypal characters in your novelUse of situational or symbolic archetypesThe use of problematic tropes/archetypes reviewed in classA single story of a group of people from your novelThe consequences or problems associated with stereotypes throughout your novel
Format:You will write a 1000-1500 word analytical essayIntroductory component: this must include the work and author and your thesis; you may also wish to include a general statement but remember your word limitYour essay will include 6 point-proof-explanations, using direct proofs from the novel, to support your thesisConclusory component: this will directly link back to the thesis and provide a logical conclusion to the essay. Again, remember the essay word count and therefore you do not need a lengthy conclusionYou will need to follow MLA format, formal language conventions, embedded citations and a proper Works Cited page for all sources used
Essay Structure:3 body paragraphs: 2 point-proof-explanations in each paragraph. This is considered a typical “hamburger paragraph” and often discouraged. However, if it works for your essay, use it! Just don’t force your arguments to work with this structure.