Online Exhibition review

Guidelines:A critical review should not simply rehash the contents of the exhibition. Rather, it is anopportunity to evaluate the argument or thesis of an exhibition and how well theexhibition makes its case.You are encouraged to search for reviews of your chosen exhibition both in print andonline media in order to consider the opinions of other critics, but your own voice andopinions should emerge clearly in your review.Citations for this exercise must conform to the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th or16th edition.Your review must include 1. The name of the institution, the title of the exhibition, the name of the curator(s),and any other information salient to the production and presentation of theexhibition as a whole.2. A description of the works of art that comprise the exhibition and an account oftheir layout within the exhibition space.3. An analysis of the thesis or central argument of the exhibition. What contributiondid the curator(s) hope the exhibition would make? Does the exhibition offer a newinterpretation of the objects or materials displayed?4. An analysis of the challenges faced by the curator(s) or institution in the creationand realization of the exhibition. Do you think this was a difficult project to realize?What sort of choices or risks might have been involved, and what contingentfactors (budget, time, loan expenses, etc.) might have affected the outcome of theexhibition?5. Your evaluation of the exhibition as a whole. Does the exhibition achieve its statedobjectives? What questions or issues does it leave unresolved? This is notnecessarily a matter of “yes” or “no.” You may conclude that the exhibition wasmore successful in some respects than others.6. To find exhibitions you can look on these sites:http://www.nyartbeat.com is a virtual reality list of exhibitions: .