Operations & Project Management: Please answer the 7 questions regarding operations & project management

1: Discuss why the airline industry is the perfect example of needing to match demand to supply. What are some other industries that have similar challenges?
Q2: Describe the types of risks that a project manager should consider and the risk management process. Why should a project team spend time worrying about things that might happen, how does risk management help ensure a project’s success?
Q3: In Operations Management describe what lost demand and diversion means as it applies to Trauma Centers.
Q4: The Toyota Production System uses Just-In-Time Production. Describe how this concept works and identify 1 to 2 risks that an Operation Manager needs to watch out for.
Q5: In Project Management, Project Managers sometimes have to “Crash” the schedule. What does this term mean and what would drive PM to do this?
Q6: In Project Management, why is having slack time or float in your project important? How does a project manager identify if there is slack time or float in their schedule, and if there is none, what does it mean?
Q7: In Operations Management, there are multiple ways of measuring process efficiency. Which measure would you use and why? Optionally, If you have had any direct experience establishing a process that measures efficiency, please describe it.
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