order 2 of 4please fill in worksheets as well no min number of pages

order 2 of 4please fill in worksheets as well no min number of pages for the outline. more so just the worksheets Write You will be submitting an outline for this assignment. Please download theOutlining the Research Analysis Essaytemplatedownload, which looks ahead to the Week 5 Research Analysis Essay and breaks those requirements into an achievable and practical roadmap. Please note:The outline template is a fillable document that breaks down the requirements. You may be familiar with the formal, alphanumeric outline format; however, in this case the main goal is to plot out the trajectory for your final paper. As a result, you are not being asked to write full paragraphs, but to indicate the direction and organization of your final paper. The research you have done has helped develop a sense of a particular academic or professional topic. By examining each of your articles and considering the perspectives they present, you will be able to write a clear analysis asserting the importance of the issue while developing your response. The template will guide you as you complete the following steps: Outline the introduction paragraph Indicate the topic you will explore in the paper and assert a tentative thesis statement. Outline your three body paragraphs In each section, you will identify the article under consideration. Then include notes to indicate how you plan to Describe the_perspective presented in the article._ Summarize the articles findings on your identified topic._ Show how the articles perspective contributes to your overall thesis. Outline the conclusion paragraph: Restate the main points while reflecting on the significance of the evidence cited and the connections you have made.Connect the ideas presented to show why the topic is an important one.

The Outlining the Research Analysis Essay assignment Must use theOutlining the Research Analysis Essaytemplate to guide your work. This template is a fillable document so be sure to fill in all required sections. Additional recommended resources are included in the template. Must use at least credible sources in addition to the course text

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