Osteoporosis Presentation

Wk 4 – Signature Assignment: Osteoporosis PresentationRead the following scenario:A 60-year-old Black female patient has come to the clinic for a well-woman exam.DOB: 09/18/1957WT: 120 lbs.HT: 62 in.Review of Systems (ROS)/Past Medical History (PMH): Negative for previous fracture, negative for fractured hip, negative for smoking, negative for rheumatoid arthritis, and negative for secondary osteoporosis. Reports less than 3 drinks per day. Medication history negative for glucocorticoids.Femoral neck BMD (g/cm2): T-Score is -1.51. Visit the FRAX® website to locate the correct calculation tool for the patient identified within the scenario.2. Calculate the 10-year probability of fracture (%) using the FRAX® tool and the patient data provided.3. Develop a 10-to-12 slide PowerPoint® case study presentation on osteoporosis. In your presentation be sure to address the following:· Define osteoporosis and osteopenia.· Describe the risk factors associated with osteoporosis.· Describe the latest recommendations for screening for osteoporosis to prevent fractures.· Explain the diagnosis and recommended treatment plan using current evidence-based guidelines using the results of the FRAX® tool assessment.· List the drugs commonly prescribed to treat osteoporosis and explain the specific indications, contraindications, prescribing considerations, and patient instructions.· Describe recommended complementary and alternative therapies which may be helpful.· Summarize the priorities for patient education.Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journal references within the last 5 years supporting your responses according to APA guidelines.
Rubric:1. Definition of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia15% of total grade2. Risk Factors15% of total grade3. Screening Tools15% of total grade4. Diagnosis and Treatment Plan15% of total grade5. Medications Used to Treat Osteoporosis15% of total grade6. Complementary and Alternative Therapies10% of total grade7. Patient Education10% of total grade8. Use of APA Format Style5% of total grade