Being able to outline your research project is only half the challenge. The greater portion is your ability to express your research agenda/project to those who may not be as familiar with your work. You have spent a large portion of this course laying out your research project, and will now conclude with perhaps the most important component of any research project, your ability to relay the need for and implications of your research.
To prepare:

Using the Kaltura software in your Blackboard classroom, record yourself presenting your executive summary that is due next week.
Review the instructions for recording with Kaltura that are posted in the Course Navigation bar.

A sample is a finite part of a population whose properties are studied to gain information about the whole. When dealing with people, researchers define a sample as a set of respondents (people) selected from a larger population for the purpose of a survey. The difficulty in using sampling lies in planning: a sample’s generalizability must be evaluated and a sampling method must be chosen that will best suit the research needs in question.