personal financial management

5 points): We will deduct .1 points for every summation formula error, capped at 1.25 points. So, the least you can get for this criteria is 1.25 points. Spending Item Descriptions (2.5 points): We will deduct .1 points for every missing spending item description, capped at 1.25 points. So the least you can get for this criteria is 1.25 points. Tracking the Full 15 Days of Spending (2.5 points): If you do not spend anything on a particular day during the spending tracker project, that is okay, but you need to put a note in your tracker to let us know that, either on the line for that day or in your Observations, Conclusions and Intended Actions. Ifi you do not let us know that, we will assume you omitted that day and will deduct .125 points for each day omitted, with no cap. So, it is possible to get a 0 for this criteria if you omit ten or more days. Detailed Account of Observations, Conclusions and Intended Actions (15 points): To earn the entire 15 points, your answer should at least fill the space provided, should be thoughtful and pertinent to the lessons learned during the course and should include observations, conclusions and intended actions. If you only provide one or two sentences of thoughtful and pertinent commentary, you can expect to receive no more than approximately 7.5 points (50%). Answers between that length and the full length of the space provided will receive anywhere from 7.5 to 15 points depending on how thoughtful and pertinent the commentary is and whether observations, conclusions and intended actions are all provided in sufficient detail. If you fail to provide an answer, you will receive a 0. Tab 2 Pie Chart Properly Displayed (2.5 points): If the pie chart is properly displayed, you will received 2.5 points. If the pie chart is not properly displayed, we will deduct one point. So, the minimum you can receive for this criteria is 1.5 points.

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