Personal Statement for dental admission

Personal Statement for dentistry admission
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders, yet for me is behind the mouths of people when they talk. As a hearing-impaired person whole my life I have been looking at people’s mouths when they talk to get help from mouth reading. This smart trick helped me to survive in the early ages, that neither my mom as pediatrics nor speech-therapists did not realize that I am hearing disabled till age 5. Being detail-oriented would make me think about turning their mouth and teeth even more beautiful. I have been thinking about cosmetic dentistry in my unconscious. I was a child who had to accompany her mom to hospital and clinics even later during summer breaks! Later on, as a teenager, while I was learning manicure skills, I was comparing nail art materials and devices like gel powder and electrical files similar to those that my dentists had used to work with. I loved it, working in detail on edges and shapes of nails and teeth! I found it interesting while you are working with your hands and eyes to make art! I started volunteering in a dental clinic back in my country about 12 years ago. Once my father get remarried to my stepmother, I could not be happier. My stepmother was a general dentist that gave me an opportunity to stay next to her after school hours. I chose my life-long career. Being a dentist! I immigrated to Hungary to study dentistry; however, my parents wanted to move to Canada and asked me to move with them and follow my dream there, since Iran was unstable economically and politically. Unfortunately, large lecture classes full of chaos at the University of Windsor did not let me do well like before. It was extremely hard for me to be behind compared to other students. Being new to the community and not being aware of the disability center could not let me go further. I switch to college with a smaller group of classes. Getting “A” grades in all courses gave me the energy to stand up again and forget my past failure. Going back to university without a full-time notetaker could not give me good experiences again. The disability center gave me a note to show the professors and professors ask students to give their notes to me directly. Not always we could find volunteers. Unfortunately, students usually do not show up in the classroom after 3, 4 weeks from the beginning of the semester. And also, the notes that students shared were the same as mine from the blackboard that we SEE in the class (if the professor writes on the blackboard or PowerPoint which are shown through the projectors) not from what we HEAR in the classroom. I almost self-studied while I was taking long hours laboratory and spending time on writing lab reports and preparing for midterms and assignments. I was always great in laboratories performances. I am delighted that I choose Irish University for Dental school with a smaller number of students in the class and the high ratio of staff to students to make it a great opportunity for me to study there confidentially.After all, I know myself as a person who is knowledgeable and trustable at work. The job I had coming out of school reflected my academic and extra-curricular achievements. Under the big name company that I work for, I was promoted 3 times in less than 2 years. I use critical thinking skills to research, problem-solve, measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate, and synthesize as keys to being successful in researching and subculturing special and initiation cultivars. I should perform problem-solving skills in a timely fashion for effective cultivar treatment in an emergency. These skills will help me later in my dentistry career to be able to perform my best potential for my patients.I want to study dentistry over the obvious choice of medicine because as a doctor you are with a patient passed along a chain of different doctors, and you have to face fatal and severe disease, whereas a dentist can treat a patient straight after diagnosing a problem and it is very rare for a patient to pass away. Also, I like that you build a good relationship with your patient for quite some time.
With all experiences in the medical field, research job, even the nail art, my intense desire to continue as a healthcare professional, and coming from a family of healthcare worker, I am determined that dentistry would be a perfect match and my disability should not prevent me to achieve my goals.