Personalized Medicine for Diabetes

Write a 1-2 page report. The topic is based on your opinion and own research. Answer the question, “which disease has the most promise to be cured or treated by personalized/precision medicine?”. While this question does allow you to choose which disease will be most impacted, you will need to support your argument. Go online and search for articles that support your claim and discuss some of the latest advancements in the cure or treatment of the disease. Make sure to include at least 2 references and list it at the end of your second page. I am not going to degine how to list your reference, just insure tha I as the reader can find your source and that you are not plagarizing.Think about answering some of these questions in the body of your report for full credit:Why is this disease so prevalent today? What population would be most impacted by this disease, and therefore, its cure? How long are we away from a cure, according to experts? What are the dangers of using a personalized/precision medicine for this disease? What are the current therapies used for this disease? Is there a mortality rate associated with this disease? Are there certain entities leading the research for this disease, (ex: a specific company, like Novo Nordisk is leading in diabetes; St. Jude’s hospital has a focus in childhood cancers, etc). Does this disease resonate with your personally?