Persuading Death Penalty is good thing

Requirements:1) Persuasive paper: take either for- or against- position only one of the topics listed below.2) Typewritten and spell-checked.3) 2 pages only of argument.4) Your name on a title/cover sheet only.5) Evidenced by at least 4 references listed on a Works Cited page.6) Double-spaced, 12 pt. font.7) Oriented to Texas or Houston politics (some of your references too!)8) Turn in Hard copy preferred.9) List of topics below.
Writing tips:
Suggested format:
First paragraph: What? What is the point? Get to it right away. If you are not exactly sure yet how you want to argue on your issue then write your paper anyway. By the time that you finish you likely will know. So then take that conclusion and plug it in up front.Second Paragraph: So what? Why should anyone care about your main point. Perhaps you can refer to what others have said about your issue and so you can note why your view is superior to their view and therefore more worthy of attention. Or argue how your view benefits the wider community.Rest of paper: How? How can you say what you are saying? Presentation or explication of your evidence, logic, and references.
Write in a careful, step-by-step, even boring fashion. You become the expert on your topic so you must always explain why you are writing what you are writing. Never expect readers of your paper to be able to read your mind; don’t assume readers know what you mean without explanation. Show that you know. You should define your main terms. The better papers have a good idea and are clear, i.e. they focus on one main reason very carefully and thoroughly.