Persuasive Essay on Tech

REQUIREMENTSYour submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. The similarity report that is provided when you submit your task can be used as a guide.You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.A. Describe your organization, including the following information:1. The products or services your organization produces2. The size of your organization and its number of locations3. The industry of which your organization is a partB. Identify the emerging technology, practice, or process that will be the subject of your white paper, and then review at least three works that have been written about your subject in the past five years. You will use this research to inform your white paper.Note: These other works may include interviews, white papers, research studies, or other types of work by industry professionals.1. Write a summary for each of the three works that you reviewed. The summary should include the title of the work, a discussion of the main topics, and an explanation of why the information is important.C. Create a white paper, as defined in the learning resource for this course, that discusses an emerging technology, practice, or philosophy that is related to your academic field of study. This white paper will be reviewed by your immediate supervisor, as well as several thought leaders in your organization. The white paper should be 2–3 pages long and must include the following:1. A thorough explanation of your chosen emerging technology, practice, or process, based on your research2. A compelling argument discussing how the emerging technology, practice, or process could benefit your organizationD. Explain how the diction in the white paper is appropriate for its audience.E. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.F. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.