Philosophy of Teaching as a Nurse Educator

Philosophy of Teaching as a Nurse Educator

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Research Paper


To help prepare you for the application process for a faculty position, many institutions require you to submit a summary of your personal “Teaching Philosophy.” Thus, the purpose of the Personal Philosophy of Teaching as a Nurse Educator paper is to begin formulating your practical teaching philosophy. In this exercise, you will include both your teaching and learning perspectives. Writing your philosophy of teaching helps you identify the values and beliefs you hold as an educator. Consider your philosophy of teaching as a “working document,” that is, it is constantly evolving as you grow as a nurse educator and as the culture for learning changes. Your philosophy of teaching should include language that reflects the program and student you intend to teach during your first faculty role (e.g. formative vs summative, andragogy, Boyer, etc.). You may want to use concrete examples that can help faculty reviewers better understand your personal philosophy. Limit use of references or quotes as this is intended to be your beliefs or aspiration of who you want to be as a nurse educator. You will also want to limit your use of personal pronouns as the of the paper speaks to the author and, secondly, you will ant to demonstrate your ability to write at an academic level. Finally, demonstrate to a faculty search committee that you have a relevant and meaningful philosophy of teaching. Medina and Draugalis (2013) describe evidence-based steps to developing a philosophy of teaching. Learning to write a philosophy of teaching as a nurse educator is a valuable skill that will benefit you throughout your teaching career. Ok, have fun! Subheadings must be included for each of the following: Teaching beliefs, Teaching theory, Teaching methods, Multicultural/Diverse education, Faith integration, and Feedback to Students Due Week 10; no more than 5 pages in length, excluding page and reference page