Philosophy – Socrates

Socrates contradicts himself. On the one hand, in the Apology, he argues that he will notgive up philosophy even if commanded to by the city. On the other, in the Crito, he arguesthat every citizen must obey every command of the state. So, in the former, he says that heis ready to disobey in the state, while, in the latter, he says that no one (including himself)must ever disobey the state. Since it is irrational to believe a contradiction, one of the twoviews has got to go. Which do you think is the one that is least convincing?(i) Clearly explain the arguments Socrates offers in defense of both views — that is, inwhichever order, explain the arguments in defense of Socratic defiance, and explain thearguments in defense of Socratic obedience. (ii) State which of the two views (viz.,disobedience, obedience) you find least convincing, and justify why you think so.