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Vector Force

What to submit:

Part 1 includes 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 in the lab report. Show all the calculations.
No need to write theory, Procedure, and conclusion. 
Submit one pdf of the Lab report per group

Lab Starts here:                                                                                                           
This is how actual Lab is done (ignore the part that says “check the video 1 in canvas”):
Force Table Experiment Video (Links to an external site.)

Lab Manual: 
Here is the Lab manual: Vector_Force_Table Download Vector_Force_Table
Part 1: Data of this lab will be given to you to analyze.
Example(How to find resultant force): (Links to an external site.)
Resultant vs Equilibrant on force tables:


Force-tables-CCNYPhysics Labs (Links to an external site.)