Pilot study of chess and resilience

20 pages not including 1 page for references.See attachment titled “sample” as reference for formatting, reference kind and amount of references needed.
In order to write the methodology section of the paper, please refer to the attachments titled “Methodology 1” “Methodology 2”, “Methodology 3”, and “Methodology 4”.
The methodology for the pilot study is Qualitative Interview, which is different than the sample paper. Therefore, you must use the attached 4 methodology documents to write the methodology section.
Key words and common themes must me identified from the two interviews. Keywords and common themes for the Interview with John have already been coded in the document entitled “Coding_Interview_John”. Use this document as a reference to code the interview with Bojan (note: the interview with Bojan consists of 2 audio files).
Share the results in the “Results” section, and provide an analysis of the themes identified in the “Discussion” section. The “Conclusion” section should discuss future direction for research (ie, directions for future studies).
The “Introduction” section should include a 3-4 page literature review on chess and resilience, the majority of which should be studies that are within 5 years old.
The “Introduction” should be about 5 pages. The “Method” section should be about 3 pages. The “Results” section should be about 7 pages, the “Discussion” should be about 4 pages, and the “Conclusion” should be about 1 page.