Placement Agency Information

Please see attached document for outline of paper-The 3 Placements I would like you to focus on: Homewood Health Centre in Guelph, Ontario; The Big Brother Big Sister Program in Guelp; and Dwelling Place Women’s Shelter (the Drop in Centre inGuelph-For the 3rd section (part c) of the paper regarding why it is of personal interest to me:For Homewood health Centre: I have personal appreciation for the programs and services offered here and had close family members attend the Addiction Medicine Program (AMP), the Traumatic Stress Injury & Concurrent Porgram (TSICP) and the Comprehensive Psychiatrict Care (CPC program)- everyone who attened went in at their lowest and because of the programs and services offered at Homewood have come out with hope, strength and motivation to fight their bbattles and to live a healthy positive life- expand on this pleaseFor Big Brother Big Sister Program- my desire to have placement here is to help provide youth with supporting and helathy realtionships, to help facialiate in igniting their strengths and potential to live a lfie they desire. I like this program because it intervenes early on in a persons life, providing support that all youth need, etc. – add other positive aspects of the program as to why I’m interested in this programThe Dwelling Place Women’s Shelter- to help women get back on their feet, to help educate them on the services avaiable to them to get back on their feet, etc. – also add in more positives as to why I would be interested in this please