Police reform and defunding police

1. Choose one (1) topic related to sociology. You may choose somethingthat we have discussed in the class; or you may choose another topic ofyour interested that we may not address in our short 5-week journey!2. Find 10-12 articles, books, webpages, or statistics related to thattopic.
Create a presentation or summary about what you learned from doingthis research. Your presentation may come in any of the following formsor more:a. A PowerPoint or other slideshow of the main findings of your research.b. A 3-5 page essay telling what you learned by doing this research.c. A spoken word, poem, photography or original video of your owncreation taking the viewer through the journey of your investigationsand findings. Be sure to include at least one written page that explainswhat the viewer will find in these treasures.