Political Culture and Public Opinion

Read each question carefully and make sure that you provide a comprehensive answer. Make sure that you check for spelling errors and if you use a direct quote, please make sure that you put quote marks around the quote and the page number and source. Make sure to use your textbook to provide answers to these questions. You can find the answers to these questions in chapter 7 in the book. MAKE SURE YOU ANSWER EVERY PART OF THE QUESTION !!! THESE ALSO INCLUDE THE HOW , WHY AND GIVE AN EXAMPLE.
You must use strong evidence from the text. NO outside or online sources.TO access the book the website is https://brytewave.redshelf.com
What is the difference between political culture and public opinion? What type of political culture do we have in the United States? Does the political culture ever change? How and why?Why is public opinion important in democratic societies? Should political leaders make public policy based on what opinion polls reflect? Why or why not? Can you think of examples where public policy has followed what opinion polls have recommended?Discuss the importance of social class. Define the term social class and explain what things are taken into consideration when people are defined as being part of the middle class, the lower class and the upper class> How does one’s class position influence how they vote in Britain and the United States?