Population Health Concern Case Study – Paterson, New Jersey

PopulationHealth Concern Case Study and Policy Action Addendum Paper (Case Study/Policy Paper): 30% of course gradeWhenwriting this paper please imagine that you are involved as a masters preparednurse in providing health related services in Paterson, NJ (direct care,administration and/or education). In order to serve, you will want to betterunderstand the health needs/concerns of the population and to explore effectivemeans of improvement. For the purposes of this paper, please choose as yourfocus one population health concern/issue relevant to Paterson, NJ. *If youwish to focus on an area other than Paterson please speak to the instructor (prior approval is needed).
Continued: Population Health Concern Case Study and Policy ActionAddendum Paper (Case Study/Policy Paper)The paper should include(please organize the paper accordingly with headers):A.Introduction: Introduce the population heath issue/concern and provide a briefoverview of your rationale for focusing on this health concern (1-3 paragraphs).You may choose to focus on a specific population group in Paterson, if notspecified the assumption will be that the discussion applies to the populationof Paterson as a whole. Discuss the risk and preventive factors that areassociated with this health concern and the consequences of this health concernfor public health. Support your discussion with evidence. The introduction maysummarize some information that you discuss in greater detail further along inthe paper.B. Epidemiology: Provide and discuss relevant descriptive and analyticalepidemiological data. Analyze and discuss datarelationships in light of risk, causative or protective factors, comparisons overtime and comparisons to other populations.C. Benchmarks and Strategies to Address this Health Concern:Discuss relevant established benchmarks for progress in this area of healthconcern (may be state, national and/or international benchmarks). Discuss recommended strategies to addressthis health concern and the evidence supporting these recommendations. Pleasediscuss your opinion of the relevance and cultural implications of thesebenchmarks and strategies to the population you are focusing on. Are thereother benchmarks and/or strategies that you would propose, if so please discussand provide a rationale.D. Policy Action Addendum:Of the strategies to address this health care concern discussed to thispoint, please identify one or two strategies and discuss potential options forpolicy advancement that would support the strategy. Please recall that thepolicy advancement may be related to judicial, legislative, administrative orregulatory policy, institutional policy or other non-governmental policy. Youmight ask yourself: ‘what needs tochange to better be able to engage this strategy and address this health issue,how might this relate to policy change and how would this change be made?’This is an opportunity to be intellectually creative and your ideas here shouldbe informed by, but not limited to, the methods and examples covered thus farin your course work. Several policy advancement options should be covered. (1-2pages of the 6-9-page paper).E. Provide reference list and correctly cite all references intext.