Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Papers must be TYPED (word-processed) and written in APA-format (7th edition), with a suggested length of 7 –10 pages (not including the reference section and cover page). Note that APA-formatting includes doublespacing and one inch margins as well as use of a standard size font, such as Times New Roman in 12-point. Besure to properly credit any sources you use in writing your paper and avoid plagiarism of any kind. You shoulduse quotation marks and cite the source (including the specific page number or heading/section if page numbersare not available), whenever you use three or more consecutive words verbatim from a given source. You shouldalso cite source frequently in the body of your paper; for instance, you should, at a minimum, cite at least onesource in every paragraph, with the possible exception of the introduction and conclusion paragraphs.