Postcard story

Write a short story of up to 500 words based on one of the three photos attached to this Dropbox. There is no minimum length requirement, but if you choose to write only a hundred words…. they had better be good ones! Extremely short pieces will get extra-special scrutiny.
To make this a story, there must be change–something has to happen, even if it is very slight. Change is driven by conflict–even if the conflict is subtle.Your story needs to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Avoid stories that read like essays, like excerpts of longer stories, or like static descriptions. Avoid editorializing, or moralistic statements. Warning bells should go off if your sentences are about abstract ideas. Avoid back story (where you explain something from the main character’s past), especially at the beginning – this story isn’t long enough for that.For an idea of the range of possibilities in short-short fiction, read some of the examples in the Geist Postcard Story Contest archive. There are also plenty of other places you can find “postcard fiction,” “flash fiction” or “microfiction” online.
FormatPDF preferred.No title page.Include your name and word count on the first page.In the top half of the first page, place the photograph you choose.Use indented paragraph style.Double-space using a standard 12-point font.Second and subsequent pages should have a page numbers on the top right.