Postman & Epistomology

Primary source is “Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business” by Neil Postman
Prompt:For this essay, you need to answer the following;In the beginning of his argument about a print-based epistemology, Postman discusses the differing ideologies of speech, print and media (ch. 1-3). Specifically he states that the medium is essential “[b]ecause of the way it directs us to organize our minds and integrate our experience of the world, it imposes itself on our consciousness and social institutions in myriad forms” (Postman 18). Consider how you feel that a modern epistemology “organizes our minds” and “imposes itself on our consciousness”. Construct an argument where you examine both Postman’s construction of his argument and make an argument for a modern technological epistemology. Provide examples from current technology and a current epistemology.
Purpose:Using your resources (notes, class discussions, the book, the introductory, additional class readings, additional resources, etc.) you need to compose a unified and coherent argument that links Postman’s construction of his own argument with your own argument for a modern epistemology. The argument must evolve from your analysis of Postman’s theory. Do not just quote the book or summarize what Postman does. You need provide an analysis of how his theories can be applied to today and make a connection to your own epistemological ideas. Lastly, extend that analysis to your own supporting argument.
Audience:Your readers have read Postman, but may not necessarily agree with everything that he say as it relates to the state of critical thinking in modern America. Because they are critical, they are looking to you for a clear position, argument and conclusion based on textual evidence to help them decide if your theories can explain some of Postman’s arguments on print-based epistemology. They are looking for you to present an argument that gives them a direction for further exploration.
Format:As with our other essays, the• introductory paragraph should contain the necessary elements (author, title, context) and end with a clear and direct main claim. In this case, you will claim that an examination of Postman will help provide a definition for modern epistemology and the criteria presented by Postman can be applied to your own argument;• body paragraphs should begin with a sub-claim that identifies a specific passage/event from the book providing a clear and concise overview of Postman’s definitions and arguments regarding epistemology and critical thinking.• primarily, you should develop additional support in which you support your theory (definition and criteria) as it relates to your own interpretation of Postman’s theories and a modern epistemology• concluding paragraph can provide a brief overview of your analysis of a modern epistemology strengthens your main claim.Make sure to read the OWL Purdue sections on Argument, claims and integrating quotes. It is worth a maximum of 100 points and these points are distributed among the expectations of the assignment. These include:• A unified coherent text that reflects critical reading on your part of the book and ancillary texts;• Development of a clear argument based on a logical framework for argumentation;• Synthesis of multiple resources;• Solid organization that reflects a unified argument at the paragraph and essay level; and• Proper use of the conventions of written English.