poultry consumption and production

PART 1: INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVESThe first part of paper will include two parts (with two Sections Headings).(1) The INTRODUCTION is to introduce why this study is necessary and background of theresearch.(2) The OBJECTIVE part should state the study objectives.What to submit: This is the first part of your paper. You need to provide (1) a Microsoft Word filewith description (background) and the objectives of your research; and (2) an Excel file with all thedata you have collected so far, which will be used in your paper later.Remind: Plagiarism Review. When you submit your paper, it will automatically be plagiarismreviewed by Turnitin in Canvas. You need to keep your similarity index below 20%. This is onlyfor the paper (Microsoft Word document you submitted). For the data (the Excel file), there is no needto worry about the similarity index.How will I grade this part and your paper? You need to finish this part with at least 2 pages long(Please follow the instruction inside this folder for the margins) and format the paper well (followingthe example). In two weeks, you will go back to improve Part 1 and work on Part 2. By the time youfinish Part 3, you will finish the first draft of the paper. I will provide you a feedback on how toimprove. Your final version of the paper is the one that I will grade.You are required to type your paper in a Microsoft Words and enter all your data into a MicrosoftExcel file, and upload both of them in Canvas. Do NOT bring the hard copy to me or GA. When yousave and upload your file, you are required to save your file name as: LastName_Part1 (For example: Iwill save and upload my file: Yu_Part1); and LastName_Data (For example: I will save and upload mydata file as: Yu_Data).Remember: This is NOT the final version of your paper/data. I just need you to show that you aremaking progress in your paper/research. While you work on your Part 2 of your paper, you will havechance to revise and improve this part.
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