Presentation Topic – United Airlines
As a team, research an organization that is in need of a change and present how the team will manage the change process by incorporating the three essential responsibilities of HRM, focusing on one subsystem that requires change within the organization. For more information, reference Figure 2.4 in the Management portion of the textbook. The team is required to create a PowerPoint presentation of 18 slides (including a title slide and references slide).
Address the following in your presentation under the appropriate heading:
Guerline – 2. Organizational Subsystems in Need of Change Within the Organization:

Identify three of the subsystems in the organization that relate to the needed change that was identified.
Of the three subsystems chosen, identify the main subsystem that failed and led to the problem.
Provide a justification or explanation for choosing the subsystem for change.

Guerline – 3. Impact of the Proposed Change on Two Other Organizational Subsystems:

Discuss how the proposed change will affect the other two subsystems identified.
Discuss any system realignment that may result from the changes proposed. I will need a total of 4 slides including references, and links.