premarital agreement

FACTS: Amanda Salazar is a successful CEO for a growing which she had founded and is currently valued at $100,000,000. The company has gone public and she has maintained ownership of 51% of the stock (a current value of $51,000,000). She also earns an annual salary of $2,000,000. The outlook for the company is that it could grow to a value well within the billions. Amanda is extremely career driven and her focus has led to a lack of time to enjoy Earthly possessions. As such, her holdings are of high-value, but limited in number. They are:A house in Silicon Valley valued at $5,000,000A ranch in Ocala, FL valued at $1,000,000 (which she officially calls home)An apartment in Manhattan valued at $8,000,000A well-maintained, 1967 Shelby GT500 valued at $200,000Her prized, English Bulldog which she had purchased for $8,000A 401(k) currently containing $2,000,0004 months ago, Amanda met and fell in love with an aspiring musician named Brad Dillane. Brad lives in Tampa and works part-time as a barista at the local Starbucks. Last year, he earned $20,000 from that job while also earning another $2,000 from gigs at local retirement homes and shopping malls. Brad hopes to sign a record deal, some day, though has yet to be noticed by the music industry because he isn’t very good and hates to practice. His possessions include:An inherited 1 bedroom apartment valued at $35,000A 1970 AMC Gremlin valued at $2,000A fender Stratocaster valued at $1,000Amanda and Brad have just learned that Amanda is pregnant with Brad’s child. After the baby is born, Amanda will return to work and Brad will stay at home with the baby. They have decided to wed in a few months. Amanda is well aware of their disparate incomes, holdings and prospects. As such, she has decided to have a premarital agreement drawn up by your firm.YOUR ASSIGNMENT: The attorney has asked you to draft a premarital agreement that protects her future interests. You will need to identify if they live in a community property or equitable division state. Then, locate sample models of premarital agreements to follow in your execution of the document. As you design your agreement, please feel free to fabricate any required details that won’t affect the nature of agreement (specific property addresses, the name of the Bulldog, etc). The agreement should address pre-designated spousal support and child support, death benefits, schedules of liabilities and assets , identified separate/joint property, etc.